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Oh look, it's me - the less than faithful blogger. ;)

The past few months have been ridiculously busy which is TERRIFIC but also means things fall through the cracks - like updating blogs and answering comments and fanmail. My apologies for being lax.

I'm currently writing a threesome story (m/f/m) that I hope will be finding a home with Ellora's Cave. We shall see. ;) I also have a m/m and m/f almost finished with editors at various houses waiting patiently. And waiting...

I also branched out into editing; I'm very excited to be an editor at both Loose Id and Etopia Press ( The latter is a new house which offers a wide range of book types in e-form - please check them out!  

In addition (no, really!) I've been freelancing. LOL Thank god my day job ended and I'm working from home full time - it would be impossible if I wasn't.

Finally, I'll be attending two events this year - and - they're both WONDERFUL for writers and readers and I sincerely hope if you're local to either one you'll try them out.

Thank you all for your endless support, kind words and purchasing power! I'm so grateful to you all. 



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Happy Summer!

Hello everyone. I hope this first of June finds you happy, healthy and hopeful or at least with your plans to make all that happen starting to come together. :)

I am very much looking forward to the next three months - sitting poolside, WRITING and spending time with my son. :) With a lot of sunscreen and a laptop computer, I'm very ready to go.

In book news, Love & Loyalty is now available in paperback through Duty & Devotion continues to sell well ( as does Faith & Fidelity) for which I am very grateful. Bless word of mouth and bloggers!

Take care!
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Well Behaved Women...

Coming Soon!

"Duty & Devotion" is edited, has a beautiful cover and will be debuting on the Loose-Id site on Tuesday, March 23!!

I really hope you all enjoy this direct sequel to "Faith & Fidelity"; it was interesting to get back into Matt's and Evan's brains after so many years! For those of you who haven't read "Love & Loyalty" - just a head's up, the characters are featured in supporting roles so don't be too surprised! Or confused! (Or you can just read the book if you haven't...cough...)

I'll be posting a teaser at some point during the weekend of the 20-21st to whet some appetites. ;)

On the "other writing I'm doing" front - the dirty het romantic comedy is coming along nicely, as is another (related to it) m/m I'm writing with a WONDERFUL friend, who happens to be made of awesome. No, really, she is! After that I'm working on a mainstream novel project that is rather gargantuan in size but which excites me to not end.

Hope you are all well and wonderful and looking forward to spring! :)
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Writer at work

Happy New Year!!

Whew - welcome to 2010 folks! I hope it's starting off in a good way or at the very least, a bit more hopeful than the last!

Here in the wilds of suburban New Jersey I am putting the finishing touches on the sequel to "Faith & Fidelity" - called "Duty & Devotion" - which is tentatively scheduled to come out via Loose-Id in March! Woot! I hope to post a bit of a "tease" the week before as well.

"Love & Loyalty" continues to sell and review well (thank you!) - it's now available via Amazon on Kindle (no print scheduled as of yet - I'll let you know when I do). 

"Faith & Fidelity" ALSO continues to sell and review well. Thank you x 2. :) 

I haven't completely decided on my next project; there are two series I have in mind and a dirty dirty het romance that some of my friends have been poking me for. ;) Whatever catches my attention next will hopefully benefit from my "Write Every Day in 2010" resolution.

Sorry for the loooong silence - I've been sick almost constantly since Fall began, particularly the past six weeks or so. Great googly moogly! I've had to show my driver's license for cold medication and cough medicine so much I'm afraid they're going to come arrest me soon! 

I hope you're all healthy and warm (or cool! depending on your climate!) and enjoying 2010 so far. Much love and good wishes! As always, feel free to contact me at any time - I so enjoy hearing from you.
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Eep! We have...interview!

JesseWave - very awesome reviewer and blogger - did a short interview on me for! There's even a wee picture! *meeps*

Here is the direct link to the interview - - feel free to stop by, comment, say hi. And stick around to look through the site; JW is a super reviewer and I think you guys will really like the entire site.

Have a great day!!


PeeEss: If anyone spots a review for L&L or blog post, whatever (good or bad!), please let me know. I like to keep track. LOL
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More answers!!

From pouicpouic:
Why this genre and not "traditional romance" ?'ve got me pondering. LOL I don't know. It's just who the characters turned out to be. And honestly - from what I've been told - my story is different from a lot of m/m genre stories. Which should be expected because I've never been good with fitting into parameters!

I've been reading romance and genre stories for over thirty years and the ones that captivated me were always the one that didn't quite fit into the typical story. The first time I read a Dean Koontz book I thought - wait - this is action and romance and humor and it's exactly how I want to tell stories.

L&L is a m/m book. The third book is m/m. The fourth book is up in the air. After that, I'm thinking of doing het. And maybe some romantic suspense. I have a million ideas and the only thing I am concerned about them having in common is making you laugh and cry within the same story!!

(Did that answer your question? I suspect rambling. ;))

Keep 'em coming folks and please feel free to comment on any answers, especially if I've confused you with my aforementioned rambling. :P
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How about some answers?

From cboy_junkie:
(1) How did the idea for Faith and Fidelity come about?; and a related question (2) In Faith and Fidelity you didn't attempt to explain away the whys of Evan and Matt's latent homosexuality (which I personally found quite refreshing), even though both characters experience a lot of "angst" in dealing with this issue. Was this a conscious decision on your part or was this dictated by the characters themselves?

1. It actually has genesis in a dream I had after my son was born, about leaving my husband with a small child and how he would go on, etc. The prologue is directly taken from that dream. The characters evolved from my basic idea of a man falling in love with another man after he loses the love of his life.

2. Great question - I think it's a little bit of both. I mean - I'm a big fan of the Kinsey scale. Sexuality is a gray area IMHO; who knows what time and circumstance and experience might do to our "number" and preferences and desires? So on the one hand, the plot really reflects that opinion of mine. On the other hand, neither Matt nor Evan are big "self-examination" types of guy - though I think Matt could learn! LOL

From kaylez4ever:
1) Will Jim and Matt meet again? I'd love to see Evan's reaction to Jim and Matt's continued friendship with him. 2)Sorry but I have to ask. When will the the second story about Matt and Evan be published? 3)Will you be showing more of Evan's job and the stresses that his relationship with Matt will bring to it?

1. You betcha! LOL That will be a very big part of the third book.

2. When I'm done - hopefully I'll be handing it by the end of the year. After that, it's up to my bosses at LI. But I will keep you all informed.

3. It's like you've read the first three chapters of the new book! ;) Seriously, the plot of the third book is about life after the "happily ever after". How does Evan deal with his new life? How does Matt? Who knew about Evan's jealous streak? LOL

Thank you both for responding!

(more answers coming!)
Talk to me

How about some questions??

Thanks for everyone who has participated in the poll. Keep voting and commenting - I love hearing what you guys are thinking. :)


Today I'm asking for questions. About me, the books, writing in general - anything! Okay, anything within reason. ;) I'll so my best to answer everything by tomorrow night...because Monday night will be a special SNEAK PEEK at "Love & Loyalty"!!! You'll get a taste before you download on Tuesday.

So hit me up with your ??? - I'm waiting!

*skids in*

Hiiiiiii! I know I'm late - did you start without me? Let's kick off with TWO things today...a poll and the first review for Love & Loyalty! As you all know I'm working on book three of this "series" and my titles have been following a very obvious pattern. For book three I'm a little stuck so I'm asking for you all to break the deadlock. Now, not telling which is MY choice. ;) I want to hear you what you think - and if you have a better idea, please feel free to throw it out there. Love & Loyalty had a different name until right before it was submitted so things can change.
Poll #1453118 Book Three Title!

For the direct sequel to F&F, the title should be...

Honor & Integrity
Duty & Devotion
Friends & Lovers
I will give you a better idea in comments!
*** And thank you to Jesse Wave for a lovely review of L&L! It's calmed my butterflies just a bit. :) *** Whew - okay, back to my life which apparently doesn't realize I'd rather be HERE! XO