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Oh look, it's me - the less than faithful blogger. ;)

The past few months have been ridiculously busy which is TERRIFIC but also means things fall through the cracks - like updating blogs and answering comments and fanmail. My apologies for being lax.

I'm currently writing a threesome story (m/f/m) that I hope will be finding a home with Ellora's Cave. We shall see. ;) I also have a m/m and m/f almost finished with editors at various houses waiting patiently. And waiting...

I also branched out into editing; I'm very excited to be an editor at both Loose Id and Etopia Press (http://www.etopia-press.net). The latter is a new house which offers a wide range of book types in e-form - please check them out!  

In addition (no, really!) I've been freelancing. LOL Thank god my day job ended and I'm working from home full time - it would be impossible if I wasn't.

Finally, I'll be attending two events this year - http://www.libertystatesfictionwriters.com/lsf-writers-conference/ and http://www.authorsafterdark.net/ - they're both WONDERFUL for writers and readers and I sincerely hope if you're local to either one you'll try them out.

Thank you all for your endless support, kind words and purchasing power! I'm so grateful to you all. 




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